About Us

Gondovect Properties is a building and property design company that understands the emotional leap towards home ownership. We have a team of experts that work to ensure satisfied homeowners.

To this end, we ensure first-time homeowners enter the market with all the facts at their fingertips. Through personal interaction, we familiarise clients with the steps towards ownership and preservation of their asset.

We take pride in our reputation as a stable, reliable housing provider, and are committed to making the process as seamless as possible for our clients by taking the frustration out of building and by providing personal after-sales service.

Gondovect Properties is an approved construction company with all banking institutions and is registered with the NHBRC.

About Percy Mphaho

IT magnate, Percy Mphaho, has turned into a property development pioneer to help most of the disadvantaged communities in South Africa (as well as other African countries), with the banks not budging to give bonds to people living in rural areas.

His mission is to help fund the majority of people that are side lined by the economy’s red tapes.

The Gondovect Offices

At Gondovect Properties we help individuals to get property of their own. We maintain control of all our developments from inception to delivery.

Invest R600 to join our programme

Pay R600 per month and become one of our investors in our crowd funding programme

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