As the cost of living continues to climb and consumer pockets begin to shrink in the ever-looming financial crisis, everyday South Africans are seeking alternative methods to raise capital in order to buy homes.  If you’re trying to avoid the pitfalls surrounding traditional lending, such as sky-high interest rates, a new option is on the horizon for many hopeful homeowners – Crowdfunding.  What exactly is crowdfunding?

A recent addition to the financial vocabulary, Crowdfunding rose to popularity on the Internet as a way of sourcing and pooling capital to fund business ventures or assist with financial aid for personal use – mainly by gathering small amounts from a large group of people. Crowdfunding is commonly done via social media and websites specifically designed to connect investors with those who require capital. It’s a welcome disruption to the norms in lending and borrowing money. Crowdfunding isn’t only impacting the banking industry, it’s also shaking up the real estate market. In fact, it’s now possible to invest in property using crowdfunding platforms or even raise enough money to purchase a home.

While collective real estate investment is nothing new, modern-era technology has made it easier to do online transactions securely and efficiently. Not just that, but investors are able to browse opportunities online, sign legal documents, transfer funds and gain access to dashboards that project how well investments perform.

How Real-Estate Crowdfunding Works For Low-Income Earners

Crowdfunding for real estate allows more investors to have access to pre-vetted real estate investments that have been historically unavailable, especially for those individuals outside of close-knit circles. It also enables investors to write smaller check sizes, making it an affordable investment with a powerful ROI. More access to real estate investment translates into a broader range of investors from all walks of life that will likely benefit from the opportunity.

Founded by housing magnate, Percy Mphaho, Gondovect uses the power of crowdfunding to help create opportunities for ordinary South Africans. Home-ownership is no longer a foreign prospect, through Gondovect Property group, we aim to teach the previously disadvantaged, low-income bracket earners how to invest in property and invest in securing their financial future for generations to come.

As a construction company, we are focused on the sustainable development of rural and township areas. Our aim is to develop real homes that contribute to the overall quality of life of the community.

Invest as little as R600 to join our programme

Pay R600 per month and become one of our investors in our crowdfunding programme. To learn more, get in touch with our team!

Invest R600 to join our programme

Pay R600 per month and become one of our investors in our crowd funding programme

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